Our Services

We provide compassionate and professional Care Management services.

Assessment and Care Plan

An individual Care Plan will be developed by identifying the needs of your loved one. This Care Plan is a road map for the resources and services that are required. Reccomendations of medical, legal, and financial providers will be made as appropriate. Our Nurse Care Manager will also identify state and VA benifits which your loved one may qualify for.

Ongoing Care

Our Nurse Care Manager will manage the needs of your loved one, adjusting the Care Plan as needed. This can include accompanying and advocating for your loved one during medical appointments, as well as updating you regarding your loved one's health.

Crisis Intervention

Crisis Intervention includes an Assessment and Care Plan, but is expedited in a much more rapid time frame due to the nature of the situation. Our Nurse Care Manager is available 24/7 for crisis situations.

Medication Management

Our Nurse Care Manager is able to set-up and monitor medication for your loved one. This includes managing refills, and communicating with doctors as needed.

Relocation Assistance

Our team will assist you in relocating your loved one; whether it be moving to Phoenix, or moving your loved one closer to you. We are also able to assist in moving your loved one to a more appropriate residence which better meets their needs.