Elder Mediation

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Elder Mediation is a voluntary, non-adversarial process to resolve inter-generational issues of conflict. When there is disagreement between the siblings or between parent and children, working with an experienced mediation team can ease the situation and guide the parties towards a workable solution. Elder Mediation works because it allows the parties to address their underlying issues in a safe environment. This empowers the participants to then work together towards resolution of the issues. Elder mediation saves time, money and relationships. It can also prevent costly court battles.

As Care Managers, we prefer to co-mediate issues related to the care of an older adult. Our Arizona elder mediation team is comprised of an experienced mediator and a geriatric care manager. Together, this team can not only facilitate the mediation process, they can also ensure the resolution is a workable plan for everyone involved and help alleviate conflict when making care decisions for home bound or otherwise incapacitated Arizona residents.