Care Management FAQs

How much does it cost? 

We have a flat fee for the initial assessment. All other services are charged hourly. Please contact a Care Manager to find out the fees for services you may be interested in or call (480) 804-7200.

How do I get started?
It is easy to get started with your care management assessment... it's as simple as a phone call or email. Contact a Care Manager or call (480) 804-7200 today.

Can anyone use Desert Care Management?
Yes. Typically, Desert Care Management provides services for persons with cognitive of physical deficits. The services are usually initiated by family or other person who is legally responsible for the person with deficits.

What is an In-home Assessment?
During an In-home Assessment, a professional Care Manager visits your loved one in Arizona to perform a holistic assessment in the comfort of their home or hospital room.

The Care Manager will evaluate the client's:

  • Safety
  • Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being
  • Unmet needs
  • Cognition

Based on needs identified in the In-home Assessment, the Care Manager develops a Recommendations Summary and Care Plan for you and your family. An ongoing relationship with the Care Manager allows you to discuss plans and receive coaching during Care Plan implementation.

Do Care Managers provide clinical care?

No, they do not provide hands-on clinical care. Their experience and specialized knowledge allows them to create personalized, holistic care plans based on the client's individual situation and needs. Simply put... we help Arizona families develop Care Plans for clients and their caregivers.

How is Desert Care Management different from doctors and health care providers already involved in a senior's care?

Desert Care Management does not provide hands-on clinical care. Care Managers approach client care holistically. The Care Manager provides Resources, recommendations, education and coaching for the caregiver(s). This approach allows caregivers to be informed advocates for their senior loved ones. Care Managers do not focus on diagnosing specific health issues, but instead seek to improve clients and caregivers' overall well-being and quality of life. For example, health care provider appointments often last only 5 minutes. It can be difficult to absorb all of the information and guidance physicians provide in that amount of time. Care Managers educate caregivers on how to make the most of each provider visit, including understanding which questions to ask and how to prepare for appointments. Counsel is also provided on what to do after an appointment, helping caregivers make lifestyle changes so that clients are compliant with providers' treatment plans.

How do you handle confidentiality?

Desert Care Management maintains the confidentiality and your privacy. All information relating to an employee's family health condition(s) will be protected as confidential information, and will not be disclosed by Desert Care Management to any outside party without prior written consent of the client or legally responsible party.