Caring for Disabled FAQs

Caring for Those With Disabilities in Arizona...

Caring for a disabled loved one in Arizona involves many more variables than Alzheimer's or Elder Care scenarios. There is such a vast array of disabilities and varied degrees of severity. Selecting the best care solution for the developmentally disabled is critical and selecting the right care manager can help achieve that goal. An experienced Care Manager in Arizona can help you every step of the way, providing options to create the right mix of care, independence and activity thereby providing the BEST quality of life possible.

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A caregiver for a disabled person is responsible for supporting that person physically, cognitively and emotionally. Arizona caregivers are responsible for a number of duties and activities that can include but are not limited to:

  • Helping the disabled individual with activities of daily living such as dressing, bathing and toileting
  • Doing the house cleaning
  • Taking care of the laundry
  • Assisting them in wheelchair transfers
  • Operating medical equipment such as a lift
  • Grocery shopping or running errands
  • Doing the daily cooking
  • Assisting them with feeding as needed
  • Caring for beloved pets
  • Assisting them in living their lives with the most dignity and freedom they are still able to have
  • Being a person they can trust
    Providing emotional support